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Riddle Patent Law handles the preparation and filing of provisional and non provisional patent applications in the U.S. The firm can assist individuals and corporations with patentability searches, patent validity, and patent infringement opinions. The firm also assists in the filing of patents in the various foreign countries that are a party to the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) or otherwise through foreign associates. The practice also provides counseling and legal representation for patent infringement matters in the federal district courts.


The firm manages trademark portfolios for clients spanning across the globe. Riddle Patent Law can assist you in the search, preparation, filing, prosecution, renewal, and maintenance of your trademark applications and registrations in the U.S. and abroad. The firm has experience in opposition and cancellation proceedings before the United States Trademark Trial & Appeal Board as well as infringement matters in the courts. Riddle Patent Law provides counseling and legal representation services in trademark disputes ranging from cease and desist letters to trademark infringement actions in the federal courts. The firm provides trademark related services to foreign firms seeking counsel in the U.S.


Riddle Patent Law can assist individuals and corporations with the preparation and filing of copyright applications as well as handle the maintenance and renewal of copyright registrations. The firm handles "work for hire" agreements, copyright ownership transfer, and licensing. The firm also has experience with resolving copyright infringement disputes before infringement cases get filed in the courts, thus avoiding the costs associated with proceeding with or defending an infringement action in the courts.

Intellectual Property Management
(Agreements, Acquisition, and Licensing)

Most business transactions involve intellectual property in one form or another. Whether it is transferring the good will of the business, sharing or selling technology, trade secrets, brand names, packaging designs, domain names, websites, or simply selling a business in gross, the intellectual property aspects should be evaluated. Riddle Patent law can assist individuals, businesses, business attorneys, and in house attorneys by providing counseling with regard to the intellectual property portions of these transactional agreements.

Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Addressing the intellectual property dispute is key to resolving it. Often a party can be successful at resolving the matter early on by engaging their adversary and negotiating some sort of business agreement. This approach is beneficial as it may avert bringing the dispute into the court system. Riddle Patent Law provides representation in resolving disputes by engaging the opposing party and negotiating in view of the relevant law and the circumstances at hand.

In the event that pre-lawsuit settlement is unobtainable, Riddle Patent Law can and has provided zealous representation, in patent, copyright, and trademark infringement matters in numerous federal courts throughout the United States.


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