The legal system is catching up with the internet.  Copyright owners are now using federal district court subpoenas to identify BitTorrent users who download movies and music.

For example, the owner of the movie will subpoena Comcast / Xfinity or your ISP to force the ISP to give up your name and address associated with your IP address.  If you receive such a notice from your ISP, you have the option to file a motion to quash the subpoena. You also have other options at defending against this copyright troll activity.  If you ignore the notice, the ISP will turn over your information to the plaintiff. If the case goes this far, you are at risk of your name becoming public record in the copyright infringement / illegal downloading case.

We have dealt with these plaintiffs on various occasions and we can assist you in resolving the case without your name becoming public record.

We have reports of the plaintiff calling your work and intentionally leaving voicemails on coworkers’ phones regarding your downloading activity and the lawsuit. Although this conduct is reprehensible, we believe you should address the matter before something like this happens.

Because BitTorrent / file sharing cases are federal copyright cases, we can assist you in any district of the United States. Contact by email or call at 215-667-8700215-667-8700.

Recent Cases in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania is Patrick Collins v. John Does 1-23.  5:12-CV-3146  This subpoena is over the identity of accounts that downloaded the movie entitled “Busty Construction Girls”